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New Baby
Welcome to Heart of the Borders


"Personalised, handmade gifts from the heart..."


We all know there are certain times in life which deserve a little something special - a wedding, the birth of a baby or perhaps a birthday?

At Heart of the Borders, we design and hand make special hearts and gifts for exactly these times in life.  Lovely, aren't they? 

Our hearts are all written and decorated by hand (we never use stamps or stencils).  This means you get a unique, personalised keepsake, tailored to your exact requirements.  

Each heart arrives packaged in an envelope, like a small love letter.  What could be nicer?  And, costing less than some cards, what could be better than giving a heart that someone special will keep forever?

You can choose from a wide selection of hearts here on our site and personalise them as you require.  

If you need something even more unique, then we also offer you a selection of 'blank' hearts to choose from for you to personalise however you wish! And remember, you can use the backs of the hearts too, at no extra cost!..

 So whatever the occasion may be, let us make you a handmade gift from the heart.  





Heart of the Borders